WP Reset Review : Best WordPress Reset Tool

Are you tired of manually resetting your WordPress website whenever something goes wrong, or do you just want to start fresh? Say hello to WP Reset – the most advanced WordPress reset tool that can save you hours of time and headaches. WP Reset is a groundbreaking plugin that gives you complete control over your WordPress website by allowing you to quickly and easily reset your site with just a few clicks. In this blog post, we’ll look at this powerful tool and explore why it’s a must-have for any WordPress user. So, let’s dive in!

WP Reset Review: Best WordPress Reset Tool

Are you tired of manually resetting your WordPress website every time it crashes? Look no further than WP Reset – the ultimate tool for WordPress developers and non-devs alike. With just one click, WP Reset can restore your WordPress environment, remove all demo content, and even create automatic snapshots before significant changes. Plus, with features like Collections and the Emergency Recovery Script, you can streamline your website development process and protect your site from potential hacking or damage. Get lifetime access to WP Reset today and never worry about losing your website again. 

WP Reset Lifetime Deal
WP Reset Review


  • • Resets the database quickly and easily
  • • Allows for creating restore points or rollbacks
  • • Can be used for testing and debugging
  • • Emergency Recovery Script for quick and safe recovery
  • • Dashboard for WP Reset Pro users with various features
  • • Can save time for those managing multiple sites


  • Pricey

Fast and Safe: WP Reset Offers 1-Click Restore Functionality

Looking for a fast and safe way to restore your WordPress environment? Look no further than WP Reset. This advanced reset tool quickly resets your site’s database to default installation values without altering files or risking data loss. With built-in snapshots and fail-safe mechanisms, restoring your site to a previous state is just one click away. WP Reset is easy to use and even comes with full WP-CLI support, which is ideal for developers and non-developers. Keep your development environment clean and efficient with the power and convenience of WP Reset. 

Don’t Lose Data: WP Reset Comes with Multiple Fail-Safe Mechanisms

When resetting your WordPress site, losing important data can be a real concern. WP Reset has multiple fail-safe mechanisms to ensure you never accidentally delete anything important. Before resetting your site, WP Reset prompts you to create a snapshot or backup. It also has confirmation steps for all destructive actions, double-confirming reset actions in two different ways. With these measures, you can trust WP Reset to safely and effectively reset your site without any data loss. 

Create Snapshots Easily: WP Reset Offers Quick Backup and Restore Options

With Reset, creating and restoring snapshots of your WordPress site has never been easier. The plugin offers quick backup and restores options, and it’s extremely helpful for developers and non-developers alike. Before proceeding with any reset, the plugin reminds you always to create a snapshot or full backup. Snapshots are primarily a development tool that allows you to quickly restore the development environment after testing database-related changes. Restoring a snapshot does not affect other snapshots or WP Reset settings. WP Reset also has full WP-CLI support and can offload collections and snapshots to popular cloud services.

WP Reset Includes Features

WP Reset is a powerful tool that lets you control and restore your WordPress environment with just one click. It includes features such as creating automatic snapshots before significant changes, offloading and storing them in a cloud, and controlling all your licenses, sites, collections, and snapshots from a single location. You can also delete all content, including posts, pages, options, menus, etc. With WP Reset, you can quickly test new themes and plugins without worrying about losing data. It’s the perfect tool for developers, web admins, agencies, and individuals who work with WordPress daily. 

01: Your Time Machine

With WP Reset, you have your time machine for your WordPress site. This advanced reset tool quickly resets your site’s database to its default values without modifying files. It lets you delete all customizations and content or choose parts like theme settings. The built-in snapshots provide 1-click restore functionality, making WP Reset fast and safe. It’s perfect for plugin and theme developers who must reset settings and re-test code. Plus, with fail-safe mechanisms, you’ll never accidentally lose data. WP Reset is a must-have tool for anyone building and maintaining WordPress sites daily. 

02: Install Favorite Plugins With 1 Click

With WP Reset, you can install your favorite plugins with just one click no need to waste time installing each plugin individually. Create collections of your go-to plugins and install them all at once after resetting your site or starting from scratch. This powerful WordPress development and debugging tool is a must-have for web admins and agencies who work with WordPress daily. And with fail-safe mechanisms in place, you can be sure you won’t accidentally delete anything important. Upgrade your workflow with WP Reset and simplify the plugin installation process. 

03: Your Personal WP Superhero

You become your own WP superhero using WP Reset, the most advanced WordPress reset tool. With its fail-safe mechanisms and quick 1-click restore functionality, you can reset your site to default settings without losing data or accidentally modifying files. It’s perfect for plugin and theme developers as it enables quick code testing and resetting of settings. WP Reset even allows you to create collections of your favorite plugins and themes for easy installation. And with automatic snapshots before significant changes, you always have a safe point to restore. Be your own WP superhero with WP Reset. 

04: More Cleaning Tools

As a WordPress user, you know the importance of maintaining a clean and organized website. With WP Reset, you can now access the most advanced WordPress reset tool on the market. This plugin lets you quickly reset your site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any files, ensuring that all customizations and content are deleted or chosen parts like theme settings remain intact. WP Reset is exceptionally helpful for plugin and theme developers who want to reset and re-test code quickly. With WP Reset, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data will always be safe. 

05: Nuclear Reset

When you must start fresh with your WordPress site, the Nuclear Reset option in WP Reset is the ultimate solution. This option deletes all files, options, and custom database entries and returns your site to its default installation values. But don’t worry; WP Reset has fail-safe mechanisms to ensure you never accidentally lose data. Before hitting the Nuclear Reset button, create a snapshot or full backup. With WP Reset, you can confidently reset and restore your WordPress environment. 

06: Whitelabel Option

With WP Reset, you can enable white labeling, allowing you to rebrand the plugin with your logo, colors, and name. This feature is perfect for impressing your clients and giving them a more professional experience. The Whitelabel option also ensures that your license key is hidden in the plugin, even without turning on the feature. So you can manage your clients without worrying about prying eyes. Take advantage of this advanced option to add a personal touch to your WP Reset experience and stand out. 

07: Automatic Snapshots

When using WP Reset, you never have to worry about losing important data thanks to the automatic snapshots feature. Before making significant changes to your site, WP Reset creates a snapshot that acts as a safety net if something goes wrong. These snapshots can be easily restored, and they include all WP database tables, both standard and custom ones, as well as any modifications made to site settings. While snapshots are primarily a development tool, they can also be used for backups and to quickly restore the development environment after testing database-related changes. 

08: The Cloud

The Cloud is a term that refers to storing and accessing data over the internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. It is a reliable and secure way to store and access your information, as it is backed up and protected by multiple data centers. One of the biggest benefits of the Cloud is its accessibility; you can access your data anywhere worldwide, as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, the Cloud is scalable, meaning you can easily increase or decrease your storage space as needed. As more businesses and individuals rely on Cloud-based solutions, it has become an integral part of our digital infrastructure.

09: Centralized Management

With WP Reset, you can easily streamline your WordPress site development and maintenance processes. This advanced tool allows you to quickly reset your site’s database to default values and create snapshots to ensure fail-safe protection for your data. WP Reset is particularly helpful for plugin and theme developers because it can reset settings and re-test code efficiently. You can offload collections and snapshots to the Cloud or control them from a single location for centralized management. WP Reset is a must-have for anyone who regularly builds, installs, and maintains WordPress sites. 


What does WP reset do? 

WP reset is a WordPress plugin that allows you to reset your WordPress installation to its default settings. It deletes all content, customizations, and configurations, restoring your website to a fresh installation state.

How do I reset my WP to default? 

You can use the WP reset plugin mentioned earlier to reset your WordPress installation to its default state. Install and activate the plugin, then navigate to the plugin’s settings page and follow the instructions to initiate the reset process. Be cautious; this action cannot be undone and will delete all data.

Does WP reset delete products? 

Yes, WP reset deletes all content, including products, when you perform a reset. It removes all data from your WordPress database, so back up any important information before proceeding with the Reset.

What is the free plugin to reset WordPress? 

One popular free plugin to reset WordPress is “WP Reset.” You can find it in the WordPress plugin repository. However, please note that other similar plugins may also be available.

How do I delete all data from WordPress? 

To delete all data from WordPress, you can use the WP reset plugin mentioned earlier. However, this action is irreversible and will delete all content, configurations, and settings.

How do I clear my WordPress cache for free? 

To clear your WordPress cache without using a caching plugin, you can manually delete the cached files on your server. Connect to your website via FTP or use a file manager in your hosting control panel. Look for a directory named “cache,” “cache-files,” or “wp-content/cache.” Delete the contents of that directory.

How do I reset my WordPress theme without losing content? 

To reset your WordPress theme without losing content, you can switch to a default WordPress theme temporarily. Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard’s “Appearance” or “Themes” section. Activate a default theme like Twenty Twenty-One. This will reset your theme’s appearance while preserving your content. Afterward, you can switch to your previous theme or choose a new one.

Bottom Line

WP Reset is an essential tool for anyone working with WordPress, especially for developers and designers. With WP Reset, you can easily and quickly reset your WordPress site to its original default settings without losing any files while maintaining your custom database tables. Plus, the built-in snapshots feature makes it easy to revert to a previous state if needed. WP Reset is user-friendly and offers advanced reset options even for non-developers. Keep your site organized and efficient with WP Reset, the ultimate reset tool for WordPress. 

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