Contactout Review: Best Email Finder Tool

Are you tired of the endless search for email addresses and contact information? Look no further because ContactOut is here to revolutionize your prospecting game. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the features, benefits, and drawbacks of ContactOut, the best email finder and lookup tool on the market.

With its massive database and user-friendly interface, ContactOut is a game-changer for sales reps, recruiters, and anyone needing accurate and up-to-date contact information. Say goodbye to the days of fruitless searching and hello to efficient and effective prospecting with ContactOut. Let’s start Contactout Review.

Contactout Review:

Benefits of using Contactout: 

Contactout is a powerful email finder and email lookup tool that offers numerous benefits to individuals and businesses.

1. Save Time and Effort: Contactout eliminates the need for manual email searches by providing accurate and up-to-date email addresses with just a few clicks. This saves users valuable time and effort in finding contact information.

2. Increase Productivity: With Contactout, users can streamline their workflow and focus on important tasks instead of wasting time searching for email addresses. This increases overall productivity and efficiency.

3. Improve Communication: By accessing the correct email addresses, users can easily reach out to the right people, ensuring effective communication and fostering better business relationships.

4. Expand Network: Contactout helps users expand their network by providing verified email addresses of professionals and decision-makers. This opens up opportunities for collaboration, networking, and business growth.

5. Gain Competitive Advantage: With Contactout’s advanced features, like LinkedIn integration, users can gain a competitive advantage by accessing additional information about contacts and competitors. This valuable insight can help in making informed business decisions.

6. Easy Integration: Contactout seamlessly integrates with popular email platforms like Gmail and Outlook, making it convenient to use alongside existing email workflows.

7. Reliable and Accurate Data: Contactout ensures the accuracy and reliability of its data by regularly updating its database and verifying email addresses, ensuring users have access to the most up-to-date contact information.

How to Use Contactout

A step-by-step guide to using Contactout

Using Contactout is a straightforward process. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started:

  1. Install the Contactout Chrome extension: Go to the Contactout website and click on the “Install for Free” button to add the extension to your Chrome browser.
  2. Create a Contactout account: Sign up for a Contactout account by providing your email address and creating a password. You can also sign up using your LinkedIn or Google account.
  3. Activate the Contactout Chrome extension: Once you have installed it, click the Contactout icon in your Chrome browser toolbar to activate it.
  4. Navigate to a website or LinkedIn profile: Go to a website or visit the LinkedIn profile page of the person you want to find contact information for.
  5. Click on the Contactout button: When on the desired webpage, click the Contactout button in your Chrome toolbar.
  6. View contact information: Contactout will scan the webpage and retrieve any available contact information for the person. This includes email addresses, social media profiles, and more.
  7. Send an email or save the contact: Once you have found the contact information, you can either send an email directly from Contactout or save the contact to your Contactout address book for future reference.

Pricing and Plans:

Different pricing options are available.

contactout Pricing
contactout Pricing

Contactout offers different pricing options to cater to the diverse needs of users. Here is a breakdown of the available plans and their features:

  1. Free Plan: Contactout offers a free plan that allows users to search up to 40 emails per month and access essential features of the tool.
  2. Sale Plan: The Premium plan is available at $79 per month and offers 6000 email/ Year, LinkedIn integration, and access to all features of the tool.
  3. Recruiter Plan: For larger teams and organizations, The Recruiter plan is available at $199 per month and offers 12000 email/ Year, LinkedIn integration, and access to all features of the tool.

The extension is free and can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Contactout’s pricing options ensure that users can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget, whether individuals, small businesses, or large enterprises. With its affordable pricing and comprehensive features, Contactout is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their email finding and lookup capabilities.

Features of Contactout

01: Email finder feature

Contactout offers a robust email finder feature that lets users quickly find the email addresses of professionals and prospects. This feature benefits businesses and individuals who engage in email outreach and lead-generation activities.With Contactout’s email finder, users can search for a person’s and company names in the tool’s search bar. The tool then scours the web and social media platforms to locate and verify the person’s email address. The email finder feature saves users time and effort by providing accurate and up-to-date contact information.

02: Email lookup feature

The email lookup feature of Contactout is a handy tool for finding contact information associated with an email address. With this feature, just by entering their email address, you can easily obtain important details about an individual, such as their name, company, position, and social media profiles. This is particularly valuable when you only have an email and need to contact someone or gather more information about them.

Contactout’s email lookup feature saves you time and effort by providing accurate and reliable contact information in seconds. Contactout’s email lookup feature is invaluable for professionals who rely on email communication and must quickly obtain contact information for effective outreach and relationship building. By leveraging this feature, you can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

03: LinkedIn integration

Contactout offers seamless integration with LinkedIn, making it a powerful tool for professionals looking to find and verify email addresses. By integrating Contactout with your LinkedIn account, you can easily extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles, allowing you to reach out to potential prospects or connect with colleagues. This feature saves significant time and effort, eliminating the need to search for contact information manually.

With just a few clicks, you can extract verified email addresses and add them to your contact database, streamlining your communication process. With Contactout’s LinkedIn integration, you can enhance your prospecting efforts, expand your network, and improve your overall efficiency when connecting with professionals in your industry.

04: Chrome Extension

Contactout’s Chrome Extension is a powerful tool that enhances your email-finding experience. Installing the extension lets you find email addresses directly from popular professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub. The extension automatically searches for contact information when you visit a profile, saving valuable time and streamlining your workflow.

With just a single click, you can access verified email addresses and reach out to potential leads or contacts without leaving your browser. This feature is handy for sales and marketing professionals who rely heavily on email outreach for business development.

05: Email Outreach and Email Tracking

Email outreach and tracking are two essential features of Contactout that make it an effective tool for reaching out to potential clients or partners. With its email outreach feature, Contactout allows you to send personalized and targeted emails directly from the platform. This saves time and streamlines your outreach efforts, ensuring your messages are delivered to the correct recipients.

Additionally, Contactout’s email tracking feature enables you to track the performance of your email campaigns. You can see who opened your emails, which links they clicked on, and how often they interacted with your message. This data provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your outreach efforts, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your email strategy.

05: Email Templates and Email Verification API

Email Templates: Contactout offers a wide range of pre-built email templates that users can utilize for email outreach campaigns. These templates are professionally designed and optimized to help users effectively convey their message and increase response rates. With Contactout’s email templates, users can save time and effort by avoiding creating emails from scratch.

Email Verification API: Contactout also provides an Email Verification API, allowing users to verify email addresses’ validity and deliverability. This feature helps users ensure that the email addresses they are targeting are valid and active, reducing the chances of bounced emails and improving the overall success of their email campaigns.

With the Email Verification API, users can maintain a clean and engaged email list, resulting in higher deliverability and better email marketing results.

Here’s a table comparing the features of Contactout’s email templates and email verification API:

06: Domain Search & Bulk Search

The Domain Search & Bulk Search feature offered by Contactout is a powerful tool for finding email addresses associated with specific domains. With Domain Search, users can enter a domain name and quickly retrieve a list of email addresses associated with that domain. This makes it easy to find contact information for multiple employees or stakeholders within a company.

Bulk Search, on the other hand, allows users to upload a list of domain names and retrieve email addresses in bulk. This feature is handy for businesses that must reach out to multiple companies or individuals simultaneously, saving time and effort.

07: API Integration

One of the standout features of Contactout is its API integration capabilities. This allows users to seamlessly integrate Contactout’s email finder and email lookup functionalities into their existing systems or applications. API integration offers several advantages, including:

Users can follow Contactout’s documentation and guidelines to seamlessly integrate the email finder and lookup tools into their systems to take advantage of the API integration. With API integration, businesses can enhance their outreach efforts, streamline their lead generation process, and improve efficiency.

08: Social Media Profiles

Contactout offers a valuable feature in the form of Social Media Profiles, allowing users to gain more insights about their contacts. With this feature, users can easily access the social media profiles of their contacts and gather additional information. This can be highly beneficial for building relationships, personalizing communication, and understanding the background and interests of the people you contact.

By utilizing Social Media Profiles, Contactout helps users connect with their contacts on a deeper level and enhance the effectiveness of their email outreach efforts. Contactout’s Social Media Profiles feature is a powerful tool that helps users gather more insights about their contacts and maximize the effectiveness of their email outreach efforts. By leveraging this feature, users can enhance communication, build stronger relationships, and achieve business goals.

09: Data Enrichment and Data Export

Data enrichment is a powerful feature offered by Contactout that allows users to enhance their contact data with additional information. This can include job titles, company information, social media profiles, and more. Users can gain valuable insights and improve their outreach and targeting efforts by enriching contact data.

Data export is another essential feature provided by Contactout. Users can easily export contact information and enriched data into popular formats such as CSV or Excel spreadsheets. This enables users to manage and organize contact data and integrate it into their existing workflow or CRM systems.


What is ContactOut used for?

ContactOut is primarily used as an email finder and email lookup tool. It helps users find and verify the email addresses of professionals for various purposes, such as networking, sales outreach, recruitment, and business development.

Is ContactOut legit?

Yes, ContactOut is a legitimate tool professionals and businesses use to find and verify email addresses. It integrates with LinkedIn and other sources to provide accurate contact information.

How do I get email leads from LinkedIn?

You can use tools like ContactOut, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or LinkedIn’s built-in messaging system to get email leads from LinkedIn. These tools allow you to search for and connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Contact them directly through LinkedIn or find their email addresses for further communication.

Is LinkedIn good for leads?

LinkedIn can be an effective platform for generating leads, especially for B2B (business-to-business) industries. With over 700 million professionals on the platform, LinkedIn provides a vast network of potential leads and allows you to target specific industries, job titles, and company sizes. It offers various features and tools for networking, content sharing, and direct outreach, making it a valuable resource for lead generation and business development.

In conclusion, ContactOut is a powerful and reliable email finder and email lookup tool. With its robust features like email verification, LinkedIn integration, domain search, and bulk search capabilities, ContactOut provides users with the means to find and verify the email addresses of professionals efficiently. It simplifies the process of email outreach and helps users streamline their networking, sales, and recruitment efforts.

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